Animal Bedding in Wisconsin

Animal Bedding

Our bedding product is produced by grinding dry wood from old pallet wood and other wood waste. The wood is ground to a fine consistency by our RotoChopper wood processing machine, and any metal is extracted.

The finished product is very dry compared to industry standard. (Lab Tested at the UW Experimental farm to have a 12-14% moisture content), The bedding has a fine texture consistency that is very absorbent with less dust, and it tends to hold up longer in high moisture with out turning soggy as the traditional sawdust or shaving products do.

Animal Bedding in Wisconsin

Wood Pellets in Wisconsin

Wood Fuel Pellets

Hay Creek Companies supports the environment by manufacturing wood fuel pellets from waste wood. These wood fuel pellets are manufactured by compressing sawdust remnants from the lumber industry, furniture and flooring, and from forestry by-products as well as shredded wood from recycled pallets. The wood materials used to manufacture the pellets are only recycled wood products. Thus, burning these pellets is a carbon neutral process. All wood pellets manufactured at Hay Creek meet strict ash content, moisture content and heat output standards. We follow the guidelines for premium wood fuel pellets established by the Pellet Fuels Institute.

Hay Creek wood fuel pellets are supplied to our many retailers and can be purchased from dealers in our network.

Please contact a retail outlet in your area to find out availability and pricing of their supply of pellets.

Wood Pellets in Wisconsin

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Commercial Pallets in Northern Wisconsin

Our team at Hay Creek Pallet stays current with the latest innovations in the industry helps us deliver the best solutions and service to our customers. Our state-of-the-art Storti machine procudes pallets faster, and with more precision, as well as custom specs.

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New Pallet Supplier in Wisconsin

Our computerized design software can assist you in designing a pallet that meets your shipping and unit load requirements while determining the most economical solution. The Storti machine is the newest available technology in the industry providing a fast, efficient assembly process while maintaining high quality standards.

Reconditioned Pallets

A quality reconditioned pallet, when acceptable for shipping requirements, provides the same function as a new pallet but costs less. Hay Creek Pallet is one of the area’s largest sources of refurbished pallets. We stock the standard GMA 48 X 40 in #1 and #2 (#2’s have a double or repaired stringer).

Remanufactured Pallets

If you cannot find a reconditioned pallet in your size and you would rather not pay the higher price of a new pallet, a remanufactured pallet can be the solution. We make combo pallets and hybrid pallets.

Heat Treated Pallets

Hay Creek Pallet provides onsite heat treating services for our customers. We will custom heat treat pallets for your company. A heat treated pallet is one which has been heated at the core to 56 degrees Celsius for a minimum of 30 minutes to ISPM-15 standards.

We Buy Pallets

Looking for pallet recycling in Wisconsin? Hay Creek Pallet will buy your damaged or unused pallets. Check out this page to learn more.

Commercial Pallets in Northern Wisconsin

Colored and Natural Mulch in Wisconsin

We’re looking for mulch distributors in Wisconsin. We sell wholesale mulch (both bagged and bulk) to hardware stores, garden centers, building supply yards, landscape companies, and excavators. We’re happy to do a wholesale price quote when you contact us.

If you’re a customer looking for a dealer in your area, check the list on our website.

Colored and Natural Mulch in Wisconsin

For more information about colored and natural mulch in Wisconsin, Call Hay Creek Companies at (715) 884-2930.

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